Black Walnut

Trail Type: Shared Use
Trail Marker: Yellow # 2
Trail Length: 4.3 km (2 hours)
Trail Difficulty: Steep Hills and Uneven Ground

The Black Walnut trail can be accessed from the Wiley Road and Pelham Road entrances. This natural terrain path is a shared use trail through many scenic valleys. Horseback riders and mountain bikers will find this trail to be a moderate ride. Some of the notable features along this trail include several old roads, mixed hardwood and coniferous vegetation, and a variety of wildflowers including Birdsfoot Trefoil, and Common Milkweed. This trail loops through the eastern section of the park. It parallels a section of the Bruce Trail, winds around Twelve Mile Creek, follows an old farm road and joins the Swayze Falls Trail at the central kiosk.


Black Walnut Trail Map