Nature Zone Environment

Short Hills Provincial Park is classed as a natural environment park with a primary focus on the day user. Short Hills Provincial Park is 735 hectares in size and is located in the Regional Municipality of Niagara. The goal of the park according to the management plan produced in 1991 by the Ministry of Natural Resources is: ". . . to protect the park's significant natural features and provide opportunities for a variety of high quality, day-use recreational and interpretive experiences. These experiences will be trail - oriented and require only minimal support facilities." To learn more about the significant features of Short Hills Provincial Park check out the links at the side. Remember while in the park many of the plant and animal species are protected and you should try to minimize your impact on their environment.

Visitors are asked to obey all signs posted in and around the park, and are encouraged not to use the park during wet weather. This deteriorates trails and causes environmental damages such as erosion.