The Carolinian Forest brings many unique and common wildlife species to Short Hills Provincial Park. Mammal species include: Brush wolves, White tailed deer, Red fox, Chipmunk, and the Meadow vole.

Significant Bird species include: Great horned owl, Indigo bunting, Bobolink, Baltimore oriole, and the Scarlet Tanager. Amphibians and Reptiles include: Eastern milksnake, Butler Snake, Leopard Frog, American toad, Red-backed salamander, and the Brown snake.

Invertebrate species include: Swallowtail butterfly, Orange sulpher, Least skipper, and Great Spangled Fritillary. Short Hills Provincial Park is also a part of the 12 Mile Creek watershed, which is the only cold-water creek in the area. As a result of this unique condition in the streams of Short Hills Provincial Park offers a unique fishing opportunity for the residents of the area. Some of the fish species that may be found in the Short Hills streams include: Brown trout, Brook trout, Carp, Hornyhead chub, American eel, Rock bass, and Blackside Darter.

Eastern Hognose Snake