Palaeozoic Path

Trail Type: Physically Challenged, and Hikers
Trail Marker: Red #3
Trail Length: 0.8 km (30 minutes)
Trail Difficulty: Gentle Slopes with wide Gravel Path

The Paleozoic Path was designed to give people with disabilities and beginner hikers an opportunity to experience the park. The path has a hard gravel surface suitable for wheel chairs and baby strollers and offers several barrier-free benches with scenic views. Mountain bikers and horseback riders are not permitted on this trail. With a low level of difficulty this path is an educational wonder. The trail contains a viewing platform for a breathtaking look at Swayze Falls. Some of the notable features along the path include Norway Spruce, Hard Maple, White Pine, Apple and a variety of other species. This trail converges with the Swayze Falls trail and can only be accessed from Roland Road.


Trail Update

A culvert on this trail has been flooded out with the recent rains and is not passable for strollers and those in wheelchairs. Please proceed with caution if using this path.

Palaeozoic Path Trail Map