Scarlet Tanager

Trail Type: Hikers Only
Trail Marker: Blue #4
Trail Length: 2.3 km (1 hour)
Trail Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

The Scarlet Tanager Trail can be accessed from the Pelham Road entrance. The start of the trail begins at the bottom of Gilligan Road (gravel road). This trail consists of varied terrain, adding to its difficulty. Mountain bikers and horseback riders are not permitted on this trail as it is a hiking only trail. Some of the notable features include White Pine, and Maple trees which provide habitat for Scarlet Tanagers, and other bird species. There is access to the Hemlock Valley trail from the southern end of this trail. Hikers should take into consideration that the walk from Pelham Road parking lot to the trail head is approximately 15 minutes, adding to the overall hiking time on this trail.


Scarlet Tanager Trail Map